Freight Forwarding

You can count on us for transportation of cargo via air and sea internationally. Our fleet of aircraft and vessels are at your service to transport your cargo to and from any part of the world by air and sea.


We possess a first class expertise to manage your cargo no matter the type, be it large, heavy or light value. Our team are highly experience and equipped with the best expertise to handle your cargo.


We transport goods from your location to any part of the world with maximum security and ensure they arrive at the destination on time, with the help of our trained and experienced staff.


Christ Avenue Logistics and Transport Limited is a subsidiary of Jobadee Group, founded on 5th May, 2004.

We assure you the fast, efficient, reliable, affordable and quality experience in every aspect of your shipping process, handling of your cargo as well as providing solutions that suits your needs. 

Our team of experts with their expertise will ensure that you have a wonderful experience from start to finish of your shipment and goods.